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Year-End-Celebrations are now Maifest

The School year 2022/23 came to an end on May 13, 2023 with a day filled with celebrations, fun and outdoor games. 

The new name MAIFEST refers to the traditional German celebration of the arrival of spring.

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After the morning classes students, parents, teachers and board members gathered in the lobby before the official part of the day.

Diplomas and more

It is tradition, that on the last day of the school year, the A1, A2, and DSD 2 diplomas are presented. This year, quite a large group passed those exams. Congratulations!

2023 a1 exam
A1 Exam
2023 a2 exam
A2 Exam
2023 dsd 2 exam
DSD 2 Exam
2023 all exams
All Exam Students

Saying Good-Bye

Unfortunately, we are saying good-bye to Karina Helms, who was the teacher of the Adult Beginners class for many years. Karina was a former long-time student at our school and took over the adult class after passing the Language Diploma 2. 

We wish her all the best for the future and thank her for teaching at our school.

karina 1
karina 2
karina 3

Fun & Games

After the official part was over, the students were looking forward to some games. After having the event inside last year, this year the weather co-operated and all the activities were outside.

The teachers set up the ten stations Ringwerfen, Bean Bag Toss, Dosenwerfen, Eierlauf, Fallschirmspiel, Irrgarten, Kanon singen, Luftballonspiel, Torwandschießen und Buchstabierwettbewerb

2023 maifest 5
2023 maifest 2
2023 maifest 1

The board members organized a fabulous Hot Dog lunch for all participants. 

2023 hot dogs

Like every year, the final event of the day is Tauziehen (Tug-of-War) between students and teachers. 

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2023 maifest 7
2023 maifest 3
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