Vancouver Consulate Intern Josephine Neumann visited our school on May 6 to answer questions of our students about student life in Germany.

How is it to study in Germany? What different universities are there? What entrance qualifications do you need to be able to study there? Those were just a few questions that were answered during the presentation of Josephine Neumann. Josephine is finishing her masters degree “Moving Cultures” at the Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe University in Frankfurt , after completing her bachelor in Translation Sciences at the University in Heidelberg, the oldest university in Germany founded in 1386. So she has lots to tell about student life in Germany.

Josephine prepared a PowerPoint Presentation with the most important information about studying in Germany which gave our students a glimpse into student life in Germany. She presented the different university levels like “Fachhochschule” and “Universität” and their differences.

What are the chances to receive a scholarship? Where do I get information about them? Josephine provided us with a lot of brochures and booklets to answer these questions.

Josephine described every day student life like living on campus, eating in the “Mensa” (German student cafeteria), preferred studying locations like the quiet libraries, semester schedule, exams etc.

For our students it was important to hear that passing the Language Diploma 2 at our school will give them the language proficiency to study in Germany. Though the Canadian Highschool Diploma is not sufficient to study at a university in Germany, an extra 1 or 2 years of additional studies are required at a “Studienkolleg” before applying to a university.

But the best of all: There are no student fees at all! German and international students are able to study for free! This is a tremendous motivation for our students to work towards their Sprachdiplom 2 to then be able to study in Germany. The classes participating at this presentation were the G7/8 with Ana Kozjak, the E7 with Melanie Ledlin and the DSD 1/2 with Anke Sabo.

A big thank you to Josephine Neumann for this great presentation and for all the various gifts from the German Consulate in Vancouver.  /as

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