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On May 4th, students of our school were able to visit the Vancouver Airport. Jürgen Gönnemann, a parent of one of our students organized this field trip for us. What an experience for us all!

60 participants from our school, students and parents, were allowed in the Air Canada hangar, inspecting a Boing 737. Even sitting in the cockpit was not off limits.

Our students looked at the turbines and checked out the landing gear and the freight cargo.

Trying to open the emergency exit door was a tough job for our principal. He needed the help from some students to master it.

Then everyone got to try out the flight simulator which was set to land in Vancouver by night. After that we checked out the training section for emergencies.

The Surrey German Language School would like to thank Jürgen Gönnemann and Air Canada for their effort to make this an unforgettable experience for our participants.

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