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Who we are

Who we are

Discover the Surrey German Language School

The Surrey German Language School provides internationally recognized German language education for students from kindergarten to graduation. Studying an additional language equips students for life in a world filled with continuous change and cultural diversity. Students develop a knowledge and appreciation for the German culture, as well as other cultures they encounter in life. Students develop excellent study skills and pride in their higher accomplishments.

  • For children 4 years and up
  • Adult Classes
  • Saturdays 9 am to noon, September till May
  • Open to students with or without knowledge of German
  • Small classes for individual attention
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Comprehensive program leading to German 11 and German 12 high school credits
  • German Language Diploma 1 + 2
  • Close cooperation with the German Central Agency for Schools Abroad
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Language Competence

As our students pick up and practice the language, they gain a deep appreciation for the German culture and language. Even if they do not use it for some years, it comes back to them with little effort – a lifetime gift that our students can draw upon in business or in their travels.

Discipline & Commitment

Our students have the discipline to attend school on Saturday mornings for up to 10 years. The fact that most stay until they reach their graduation level really shows their commitment to learning.

Confidence & Success

The Surrey German Language School is a place where students feel comfortable and safe. They develop a sense of belonging as they successfully master the language – growing in their confidence. This helps them achieve greater success in many areas of their lives.

Leadership Opportunities

We are developing tomorrow’s leaders today. Graduates are asked to become assistant teachers at the school. Some of our teachers are former student as well. Alumni share how their competence in the German language has helped them to accelerate in their occupations.

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