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Niklaus ist ein guter Mann

At 10:50 a.m. on December 2nd, anticipation filled the air as Preschool to Grade 2 students eagerly awaited the arrival of St. Nikolaus in the foyer. Suddenly, a tall figure adorned in a long red coat and sporting a white beard descended the stairs.
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With infectious excitement, the classes welcomed him, and Nikolaus settled into his chair beside the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The choir, led by Annabelle Devos, serenaded him with the festive tune „Guten Tag, ich bin der Nikolaus”.
Turning the pages of his substantial book, St. Nikolaus engaged the students with the captivating tale of St. Nikolaus and the ancient city of Myra in Turkey. Amidst the enchanting narrative, he produced a substantial basket filled with treats.
To acknowledge the well-behaved students, Nikolaus proceeded to read the names from his extensive list, encompassing those from Preschool to Grade 2.
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Two Christmas angels accompanying him distributed the traditional ‚Stutenkerle‘ to the eager students.
As the last name echoed in the room, the students thanked Nikolaus for his visit. With his duties fulfilled, he bid farewell, continuing his lengthy journey to spread joy and cheer elsewhere.

The Surrey German Language School would like to thank Aryan ‘Santa’ Saed for his annual stellar performance as the German Nikolaus, his two helpers, former teacher Gita Matthew for the organization and setup, board member Annabelle Devos for rehearsing the Nikolaus song with the students, and all the teachers and volunteers who made this event so special.

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The German Nikolaus was very pleased to visit the SGLS board members and expressed heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated volunteer board members of the German school, acknowledging their unwavering commitment and hard work.
The board members play a pivotal role in the success and smooth operation of our school.
We would like to thank them for their time, energy, and passion in supporting the Surrey German School’s mission and enhancing the educational experience for all involved.
They might have gotten the baked treat ‘Stutenkerl‘ as well
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The holiday joy is in full swing, and it warms our heart to see even our older students belting out the classic “Niklaus ist ein guter Mann.”

🎅🎤  Their enthusiasm is infectious, reminding us that the magic of Christmas knows no age.
A heartfelt thank you to Sibylle Sandvoss for keeping this tradition alive.❤️🕯️🌟 🎵

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