2024 maifest

Maifest 2024

At the Surrey German School, the end of the academic year 2023/24 is marked by the much-anticipated Maifest, a vibrant celebration that brings together students, parents, teachers, and board members. 

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This year, the festivities commenced after morning classes, with everyone gathering in the lobby for the official part of the day.

Celebrating Academic Achievements

One of the core traditions of Maifest is the presentation of diplomas. On the last day of the school year, A1, A2, and DSD 2 diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully passed their exams. The diplomas were presented by Johann Stocker, Deputy Consul and the Head of the Culture and Administration Department at the German Consulate in Vancouver. This year, the ceremony celebrated a notably large group of students who achieved this milestone, earning congratulations from all attendees.

2024 a1 exam
A1 Exam
2024 a2 exams
A2 Exam
2024 dsd 2 exam
DSD 2 Exam
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Honored Guests: GCBA Visit

Adding to the significance of the event was the visit from the German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) represented by new president, Andrea Basche, along with director Kirsten Friedrichs. The GCBA has been a steadfast supporter of the Surrey German School, and their visit underscored the strong community ties and mutual support.

2024 sgls gcba
From left: SGLS President Fred Voglmaier, Deputy Consul Johann Stocker, SGLS Admin Nathalie Currie, GCBA President Andrea Basche, GCBA Director Kirsten Friedrichs, Principal Axel Rechlin

Outdoor Fun and Games

After the formalities, the students eagerly transitioned to the day’s recreational activities. The teachers prepared seven engaging stations, each offering a unique game that combined fun with a touch of German culture:

Ringwerfen (Toss the Ring): Led by Olga Brown, this game tested students’ accuracy and coordination.
Dosenwerfen (Can Toss): Ilka Schmidt and Karin Kent supervised this classic fairground game.
Eierlauf und Seilspringen (Egg Race and Rope Skipping): Anna Brodziuk managed this station, adding a mix of balance and agility challenges.
Fallschirmspiele (Parachute Games): Juliane Wolfram facilitated these games, fostering teamwork and cooperation.
Hockeyspiele (Hockey Activity): Sibylle Sandvoss brought the excitement of hockey to the event.
Dreibeiniges Rennen (Three-legged Race): Norma Hogan encouraged students to work in pairs, promoting partnership and coordination.
Deutsche Dialekte (German Dialects): Valesca Schäfer introduced students to the rich diversity of German dialects, blending education with entertainment.

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2024 maifest 2
2024 maifest 6
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The board members and concession stand volunteers organized a fabulous Hot Dog lunch for all participants. 

2024 concession stand
From left: Director Monica Herie, Director Annabelle Devos, two volunteers

Soccer Goal Wall and Traditional Tug-of-War

Highlighting the German passion for soccer, the event featured Torwandschießen (Soccer Goal Wall), where students could showcase their kicking skills. This activity was a hit, reflecting the enthusiasm for the sport that is deeply embedded in German culture.

As always, the day concluded with the highly anticipated Tauziehen (Tug-of-War), a spirited contest between students and teachers. This event not only tested strength and teamwork but also embodied the friendly competition and camaraderie that define the Surrey German School community.

2024 maifest 4
2024 maifest 3
2024 tauziehen 1
2024 tauziehen 2

A Celebration of Culture and Community

Maifest at the Surrey German School is more than just a year-end celebration; it is a testament to the thriving German tradition and the vibrant community spirit. The event beautifully showed the essence of the school’s mission: to provide an enriching educational experience while fostering a deep appreciation for German culture and language. 

As the school year comes to a close, we wish all students and their family a relaxing and fun summer and we will see you back on the first day of school for the school year 2024/25 on September 7th.

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