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For the school year 2024/25, we’re continuing to utilize the registration platform known as TUIO. This platform offers several payment plans and now includes Credit Card and pre-authorized debits (PAD) payments. Please be aware that service charges vary depending on the selected payment method; e-transfers are no longer accepted.

Despite increased costs, such as classroom rentals, we’ve maintained tuition at last year’s levels. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donations and fundraising efforts throughout the year. As we move into the next school year, we strongly encourage you to consider making a tax-deductible donation, preferably monthly, when you register via Zeffy. Your contribution helps sustain the school and may entitle you to a tax refund.  More details on donating can be found in our FAQ

Early Bird Registration begins in April and ends on July 31st. Registrations after July 31st are considered regular.

A non-refundable $100 placement fee is required at pre-registration, which is applied towards the tuition fee.

Tuition fees remain consistent for both children and adults, and all tuition and placement fees are non-refundable. For preschool and kindergarten classes, there’s an additional $25 fee to cover art and craft supplies. Therefore, a specific registration link is provided for these classes.

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Per school year
For Children and Adults

Early Bird

prior to July 31st

Regular Registration

after July 31st

First Student
Second Student
Third Student
Additional Students
Diploma 2 Exam
Supplies for Preschool and Kindergarten Classes

* Subject to change without notice

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