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If you have any questions regarding our school, check out the frequently asked questions first.

Our school starts at 9:00 and we have recess from 10:30 to 10:50. Classes resume from 10:50 to 12:00.

Our school starts at 9:00 and we have recess from 10:30 to 10:50. Classes resume from 10:50 to 12:00.

Every Saturday our fundraising team provides drinks, buns, pretzels and other snacks at a large concession table in the lobby. So your child is able to buy something to eat and drink. It is especially exciting for the Kindergarten students to buy something for the first time on their own, so this is made part of the learning experience in that class.

Our school adjusts to the regular school holidays and breaks, so that usually our school is closed. Please check the yearly calendar for exceptions.

With severe weather conditions in the winter time, it is possible that school gets cancelled. Check the website and your email in the early morning for an update on this.

We highly recommend you register your child in a class that is one level below what they are taking in regular school.  For example if they are attending Grade 2 for regular school, they should register for Grade 1 in German School.

G1-G8 (DaZ) is German as a second language and conducted entirely in German.  E1-E8 (DaF) is German as a foreign language and English is used for the purpose of clarification. Preschool and Kindergarten Class are not divided into two streams. For more details see our Class Structure and Curriculum page.

Yes, you can sign up on the first day of classes, but we require the registration to be done via the Karelo online registration system.  We will have a computer available to sign up on site, but highly encourage you to do this in advance. It will make the process faster for all involved.

The curriculum for the adult classes has a different focus. The course and work book are especially laid out for adults and subjects that are relevant to their life. Check the adult curriculum page for more details.

Your child can start as early as 4.5 or 5 years to attend Preschool. It is our goal to have them go to our Kindergarten class after two years at Preschool. 

We recommend you signup a personal account on Karelo so that in future years you do not have to re-enter your information.

This is most likely due to your web browser’s auto fill feature. Please review the information in the form before you confirm your registration.

Once you click the “confirm” button the web page will refresh with your registration information and in a few minutes you will receive an emailed copy of your registration information.

Log into your account and click the “My Registrations” button and then in the Current Registrations lists click on the registration number. This will show you your submitted registration information. If you need to make any changes just click the “click here to make changes” link found near the top of the page.  Please note any placement fees are non refundable.

You have two options to pay for your tuition:

  1. Per E-Transfer to
  2. By Mail:  Print out a copy of the confirmation web page or the confirmation email and include it with your placement fee cheque and mail it to:
    Surrey German Language School
    PO Box 33558
    RPO Central City
    Surrey, BC    V3T 5R5

We accept cheque, cash, or e-transfer payments. Cash payments can be made when school is in session.  Please do not mail cash. We do not accept credit card payments, but if you wish to send an e-transfer, please send it to and include the student’s name in the comments.

Payment can be made on the first day of school AFTER the AGM at the registration table to the administrator. Please have your cheque ready (payable to “SGLS”) or your cash. Should you pay by cheque, please make sure that you mention the students full name in the memo area.

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Find the answer to questions about registration, curriculum, class schedule and the calendar here in the FAQ section. 

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