2021 a2 dsd verleihung

A2 & DSD Language Diplomas

A2 & DSD Language Diplomas

The International A2 Language Exam (Vergleichsarbeit) was designed for 12 to 14 year old students in grades 7 to 8. In our school the students would usually be in classes G3/4, G5/6 or E7/8.

The exam consist of four parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written and oral communication.

In the last school year numerous students wrote this exam and now it was time to receive the certificates. 

15 students were present for the event and the certificates were presented by Language Advisor Andreas Meckes and Principal Axel Rechlin. 

This year also the DSD 1 Language Diplomas were handed out at the same time. 

Congratulations to all the successful recipients!

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