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A Joyous Christmas Celebration and Market ending 2023

The spirit of Christmas filled the air at the Surrey German Language School on Saturday, December 16th, as the school community came together for a festive celebration and a delightful German Christmas market. The event, made possible by the dedication of the school’s board, faculty and family volunteers, showcased the talents of SGLS students and provided a platform for the community to embrace the holiday season.

The festivities kicked off with a warm welcome from Principal Axel Rechlin, setting the tone for a day filled with joy and community. He welcomed also the German Consul General Marc Eichhorn, who attended the event with his wife and Surrey City Councillor Linda Annis.

xmas konsul und axel
xmas konsul marc eichhorn
Consul General
Marc Eichhorn

The Consul delivered a heartwarming speech that underscored the importance of cultural exchange and community bonding, especially during the festive season. The Consul’s presence served as a reminder of the strong ties between the German community and its diplomatic representatives, making the celebration an even more memorable and meaningful occasion for everyone involved.

The highlight of the Christmas event was the theater production „Die Weihnachtswichtel,“ a collaborative effort by SGLS students and organized by Annabelle Devos that captivated the audience with its festive spirit and heartwarming message.

xmas wichtel
xmas theater
xmas theater annabelle

Known for her passion for music within the SGLS community, board member Annabelle Devos took her involvement to new heights by directing the musical theatre performance „Die Weihnachtswichtel“.

Her dual role as both a board member and a musical director exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism that is essential to the success of events like the SGLS Christmas celebration.


The youngest members of the SGLS family, the Preschool and Kindergarten students, charmed everyone with their adorable renditions of “Kling Glöckchen” and “Lieber guter Weihnachtsmann.” The older students from grades 3 to 8 added their own flair to the celebration with singing performances, recitations of Christmas wishes, and a creative video production.

xmas preschool
xmas kindergarten
e5 8
xmas audience
xmas 2023 teachers
Teacher Scrabble

The interactive story “Die Klaus Familie” presented by DSD1 showcased the funny side of the students. The celebration reached its peak with a lively dance performance featuring Anett and the SGLS teachers.

The grand finale brought everyone together for a joyous rendition of “Es schneit” by Rolf Zuckowski, where students, teachers, and families joined in singing and dancing, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and the magic of Christmas.

Following the heartwarming performances, the festivities extended to a German Christmas market featuring various vendors. Families and attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional German holiday atmosphere, exploring stalls filled with handmade crafts, festive decorations, and delicious treats.

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xmas market 3

A strong force behind the success of the SGLS Christmas celebration was the tireless dedication of the volunteer board members: President Fred Voglmaier, Vice President Tilmann Glimm, Treasurer Tracey Dye, Secretary Monica Herie, Director Susanne Boos, Director Annabelle Devos and Director Thomas Kuehn.

2023 nikolaus board

YouTube Video created by Tanja Knight

However, as the event unfolded seamlessly, a subtle plea emerged – a call for more community involvement. Despite the success of the celebration, the school is facing a decline in the number of volunteers. The individuals who dedicate their time and effort to make such events possible are becoming scarce.

It is the collective effort of the entire SGLS community, SGLS board members, Administrator Nathalie Currie, Principal Axel Rechlin and the faculty members that make these celebrations memorable, and with the support of more volunteers, the school can continue to foster a sense of community, joy, and cultural appreciation for years to come. 

Let us come together and ensure that the spirit of togetherness and celebration continues to thrive at our school. 

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